It's Not Just Rhetoric, Every American Must Know the Truth
Cambridge, England Cemetary


Everyone, everywhere on the earth, should see these images, and be reminded of the sacrifice made by Americans for the cause of Freedom and Justice. What words can describe the deep emotion these images should bring? These are America’s sons, brothers, fathers, and grandfathers. “Greater love than this no man hath, than a man lay down his life for his friends.”

We cannot allow their sacrifice to have been in vain. We must have courage, and hold high those principles and ideals for which they gave their very lives. Read more…



For some time now, Shenandoah Christian Alliance (SCA) has been devoting time, talent and energy to the promotion and promulgation of important educational information regarding one of, if not the most serious of threats to our collective society in recent history. It centers on information about a development that would have been unthinkable a mere 30 years ago.

Mounting evidence clearly supports SCA’s position that a threat exists to the free-born citizens of America. It is an all the more amazing development because it traces to the very highest levels of our government, and imperils even the sovereignty of America through secretive and insidious relationships with foreign governments and global institutions. It places in jeopardy the safety, security, and welfare of all American citizens because it operates in open secrecy, with the help of a willing and complicit Washington/media/Wall Street cabal,* all under the very noses of an impotent, feckless and often complicit Congress. Worse, it has recruited the various agencies of Christian churches as accomplices. (Read Full Essay)


By Terry Sanders – Contributor at Large

maduro_venezuelaVenezuelan President, Nicolas Maduro – photo credit: EPA/Miguel Gutierrez

Venezuela has made the news again for yet another low in the history of what anyone would classify as a failed state.

Government Decree 9855, issued by President Nicolás Maduro under his broad emergency powers, allows for any Venezuelan to be forcibly relocated to agricultural labor camps in order to combat widespread food shortages. These forced labor camps are not intended as punishment for any crime, political or otherwise, but instead yet another failed Communist solution to government mismanagement that will remove ordinary Venezuelans from their jobs and homes and force them onto government-controlled slavery on plantation farms, unable to leave for an extendable period of 60 days. (Read more…)



“Ending 2nd Trimester Surgical Abortion: Dilation and Evacuation (D & E)”

America will be Great Again when Americans start doing great things again. One great thing we can do is end abortion! (Read more)

VCA’s Dan Wolf Exposes Virginia Refugee Resettlement

In an illustrated, interactive article appearing in the “The Virginia Free Citizen” website, Dan Wolf, an advisor to the Virginia Christian Alliance authored a brilliant expose of the extent and the cost of the Refugee Resettlement program in the commonwealth, Resettling Immigrants in Virginia. Complete with maps, charts and graphs that fully illustrate how pervasive and insidious this issue has become in a relatively short time. *

One particularly important interactive map worth noting shows where the greatest density of refugees are being placed.

“The results are similar to those of the UVA’s Demographics Research Group[1] which shows the percentage of all foreign-born population in Virginia by destination metropolitan statistical area (msa). [The map indicates] that almost 90% of the foreign-born has settled in either the Northern Virginia, Virginia Beach, or Richmond msas.”

This thoroughly researched and extraordinarily produced article is must-read for Virginia citizens who are waking up to the serious threats we are facing in our culture, our welfare and our safety with refugee resettlement.

Fake News is Bad News for America

Should there be any doubt in anyone’s mind, willing to invest the time in simple observation and analysis, to clearly see the political, religious and cultural polarization in America – and by extension the rest of the civilized world? What are some the reasons for this particularly now? Why are people so willing to display such raw emotion in their personal views?

What makes these questions so urgent is not only the issues and events that feed these emotions, it is the enormity of opportunity to express them and in too many instances, to impose them on others. Many people are willing stop at nothing to voice their convictions. (Read more here)

The Nation's Capitol

What Christians Should do for Govt

By J. Jeff Toler – November 20, 2016

“These are the times that try men’s souls.” And, “Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered.” *

Thomas Paine couldn’t know the half of it these days. There have been few times in my life I have ever seen such polarity and bitter acrimony within America like I’ve seen and heard in the last two weeks. The jaw-dropping, vitriolic, hysterical screeds from the procelytes of the far-left are amazing, and frankly very ominous. And that’s just on my Facebook. The headlines and bleats from the 24-hour news channels are getting outright insane. If I were just a casual observer, I would think that America is losing its mind. (Read more here)

Jonathon Cahn

Jonathon Cahn: Word or Warning?

By Jeff Toler – November 20, 2016

In a video originally posted September 26th 2015 on YouTube, Jonathon Cahn, President of Hope of the World Ministries and author of Harbinger, was recorded preaching this message before the Family Research Council at their Values Voter Summit in 2015. What makes it interesting are the illustrations and prophetic teaching that carry even more weight today than they did just one year earlier. It’s probably no accident it was recently republished following the election. (Read more here)

Franklin Graham

The God Factor

By J. Jeff Toler – November 20, 2016

Writing for The Christian Post, Brandon Showalter, in a November 10, 2016 report quotes Franklin Graham from his Facebook post: “Did God show up? In watching the news after the election, the secular media keep asking ‘How did this happen?’ ‘What went wrong?’ ‘How did we miss this?’ (Read more here)



Lunch With a Monster

Doctor of Death

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