In an effort to inform and educate, Shenandoah Christian Alliance has determined to locate, research and share articles, stories, and videos with our members and readers. In doing so we aim to provide the resource links for proof-checking and further research by our own. An informed readership is but one way to wage the “warfare” necessary in working with people who are lacking the facts and the ability to put those facts together in forming a world-view compatible with Christianity and by extension, liberty, justice and dignity.

Currently, we are witnessing an astonishing and deliberate war on all of these things by people who are using every means possible to overturn the foundational traditions Americans have enjoyed for generations. This is particularly heart-breaking concerning the sanctity of life. Take the following for example:

Recently, news from LifeNews citing a Washington Times news story revealed the Obama administration has sent one-million dollars to Planned Parenthood agencies in three different states just two days ago. Why? More importantly, why now? As a regular reader of this web site, other internet sources, conservative radio programs and to a large degree, Fox News television, * you must know by now that Planned Parenthood has been revealed through videotaping to be in the business of harvesting fetal tissue from aborted babies. The evidence is now irrefutable.

How many of us would have believed this could be possible? Perhaps the better question is: knowing what we believe about abortion and those who practice it, how can we really be surprised?

Currently there are nine videos produced by The Center for Medical Progress available for viewing on a number of web venues – with more promised by producer The videos were first released to the public in July. On September 2nd, it was reported The Susan B Anthony List would host a viewing of all nine videos for Democratic members of Congress. Today, September 4th, the day of the viewing, no members appeared. None. All congressional democrats refused to see the videos.

So here is the question: How can anyone, no matter their political party affiliation, refuse to acknowledge the possibility that any organization could market their services with the aim of benefiting financially from the illegal harvesting and sale of human body parts?

It is because they are managing to get away with it. In front of everybody. Sadly, Planned Parenthood is being propped up by a political party that has evolved into something quite deluded by a world-view that has thoroughly departed from the most basic principles of human decency. In the words of Jay Sekulo, President of ACLJ. “What kind of a civilized nation does this?” If you must know, very few nations have abortion policies quite like America’s in terms of funding, circumstances, and length of gestation.

“Only in America.” The phrase has taken on new and ominous meaning anymore.

[See Fox News Reporting: Planned Parenthood: The Hidden Harvest – Anchored by Shannon Bream: Friday, Sept. 4 at 10 p.m. ET and Saturday, Sept. 5 at 1 a.m. ET]