Presented here are the issues we face today: references of reported events and developments and the crisis points that SCA want you to be familiar with so that you can be up-to-date and prepared to provide a coherent and cohesive response to any dialog, peaceful debate or effective sermon. Scroll the page for the latest news and information.

Muslim Brotherhood is in The White House

A breath-taking video currently making the rounds on internet sites and social media outlets details a very disturbing revelation that members and supporters of Muslim Brotherhood are occupying strategic positions in the White House. First and foremost, it shows Huma Abedin, a very close confidant of, and former Deputy Chief of Staff for Hillary Clinton during Clinton’s entire term as Secretary of State. Abedin’s ties to the terror group is clearly established. This fact alone should make the ongoing FBI investigation of Clinton’s illegal use of a personal email server – in violation of US State Department directives and regulations forbidding the mishandling state secrets – all the more urgent.

The video makes it clear that in addition to Abedin, who had memberships in two Muslim Brotherhood front groups: the Muslim Students’ Association, and The Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs, (both groups have ties leading to Osama Bin Laden) six current and former White House department staffers are also identified in the video.  It ends with the very provocative pronouncement that President Obama has willingly embraced the infiltration of Muslim Brotherhood members and supporters and is “therefor a traitor.”

Conspiracy theories can and do make their way onto the internet and Facebook, but the content of this video can be verified by essentially anybody with a computer – and very easily. Simply paste this one link alone for Arif Alikhan, Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security for Policy Development into your browser’s address bar and see what comes up. A search for Muslim Brotherhood in the White House displays a number of very responsible news and commentary sites/sources that have reported on these same staffers – most of whom were or still are holding strategic positions in the Homeland Security agency!

It should be noted that between 10,000 and 20,000 Muslim refugees have been placed into resettlement into the Commonwealth of Virginia alone since the creation of Homeland Security – many, if not most during the Obama administration. Ask almost any Virginian if they are aware of that number, and who the agencies responsible are for managing the resettlements. You will find that few if any have a full understanding of the scope and pervasiveness of the program. But ironically, the local community is first and foremost impacted the greatest.

The video was produced by Western Journalism Center, a media and political watchdog group based in Sacramento, California, and a constant source of irritation for the liberal media.



Breaking News on This Story!


Football Coach Denied 2nd Amendment Rights
Bremerton HIgh School football coach, Joe Kennedy has been banned by authorities at his school in ultra-liberal Washington State. You must read this story from The Liberty Institute to see how and why this brave, persevering coach continued to pray privately following every football game. Now the matter may make its way to the courts.

SCA has encouraged our members and friends to pray for this man as school authorities wrongly attempt to throttle his Constitutional rights without legal precedence. Now SCA has learned that Bremerton School District has issued a statement barring Kennedy from his coaching position.

Fox News opinion writer, Todd Starnes (in this video on Fox News airing October 28th) confirms Coach Joe Kennedy has been barred from the locker room at Bremerton High School in Washington State. Fox News had previously produced this segment airing on October 26th just two days before the school district announcement.

Superintendent Aaron Leavell placed the longtime coach on administrative leave after he refused to stop his post-game prayers, and issued this statement:

“Effective immediately, pending further District review of your conduct, you are placed on paid administrative leave from your position as an assistant coach with the Bremerton High School football program,” Leavell wrote to the coach in an Oct. 28th letter. “You may not participate, in any capacity, in BHS football program activities.”

Leavell’s actions are clearly unconstitutional, and it is expected that Liberty Institute will file a lawsuit against the school district for religious discrimination.

Kennedy, who is a devout Christian, had been under investigation since September after someone complained about his post-game prayers at the 50-yard-line.

New Planned Parenthood Abortion Video Released
October 27th, a new video is released by the Center for Medical Progress; this time revealing Dr. Amna Dermish was… “Caught on tape describing a partial-birth abortion procedure to terminate living, late-term unborn babies, which she hopes will yield intact fetal heads for brain harvesting,” reports Steve Powers, writing for

Senior Director of Medical Services at Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Dr. Deborah Nucatola, trained Dermish. Nucatola you may recall, was the star of the first video released to a horrified public… a public we should add may still understand the concept of horror. As far as we know, the mainstream media (no doubt at the behest their patrons, the Democratic Party rulers) have shown little inclination to publish, discuss, or even report on these videos. Even though they clearly prove the Plant Parenthood practice of abortion for human tissue harvesting for profit – AKA selling murdered baby parts for money. Widespread public outrage is decidedly slow rolling as a result of the quietude of the media.

If we hear about it during the election campaigns, it may only issue from notable Republican Party candidates – particularly those like Dr. Ben Carson, who is already taking fire from the mainstream media for his position on abortion.


Frito-Lay Partners With an Extreme LGBT Group
Frito-Lay, manufacturer of popular snack food Doritos, will market a rainbow hued version as part of their new sponsorship arrangement with “It Gets Better” – an extreme gay-lesbian advocacy group


SCA has learned that Pepsico, makers of a number of iconic brands including Pepsi, Fritos, Ruffles and Doritos among others has decided to partner with “It Gets Better” – a group founded and led by the infamous anti-Christian bully Dan Savage. Savage is a far-left radical, looking to advance the LGBT agenda. He consistently engages in obscenity-laden assaults – that are both vile and vicious – on both Christians and anyone else who is critical of him. Astonishingly, Frito-Lay, a division of Pepsico has made the decision to sell rainbow Doritos and contribute from the proceeds to “It Gets Better”.

If you want to know more about this insane development and just how depraved Dan Savage really is, you can read more here.

This is not a political opinion or a call to boycott

The free-fall of America as a last bastion of decency, traditional morality and genuine hope has truly reached terminal velocity. Only God’s mercy will prevent the inevitable culture collapse. So, I am not advocating for a boycott of Pepsico products, as that typically has the often undesirable effect of back-lashing and seldom influences the corporate decision making anyway.

Instead, read here the names of the board of directors, CEO and the Director of Marketing and Frito-Lay’s “leadership”.

Now, if you are disgusted, frightened, angry or simply sick and tired of the relentless trope that LGBT and media activists use to promote a lifestyle that is inimically opposed to you, your family and your community, take some time to pray specifically for these people and ask for God’s forgiveness, His grace and a change of their hearts and minds.

Alright then… If nothing else, find another brand of snack foods to purchase, if for no other reason than to satisfy the higher road of honoring God – who will deal with Savage and companies like Pepsico in His own time and in His own way. Frankly, it might be better if you and your family avoided snack foods altogether – they really aren’t that good for your health anyway.

Mat Staver Speaks to Reporters Following the Jailing of Kim Davis
Following her arrest by US Marshals, Kim Davis, the county clerk who refuses to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel speaks to reporters and a small crowd of supporters. Her arrest for holding to her religious convictions has brought her to this historical milestone… something many are calling the end of religious liberty in America.

Undercover Video: Planned Parenthood Culpability in Human Tissue Harvesting
America, or at least informed Americans, were treated Tuesday, July 14th to an astonishing video revealing Planned Parenthood’s Chief Medical Director detailing the harvesting and potential sales of human body parts from aborted babies.

Since its initial release, there have been eight additional videos.

Currently there are nine videos produced by The Center for Medical Progress available for viewing on a number of web venues – with more promised by producer The videos were first released to the public in July. On September 2nd, it was reported The Susan B Anthony List would host a viewing of all nine videos for Democratic members of Congress. Today, September 4th, the day of the viewing, no members appeared. None. All congressional democrats refused to see the videos.

Conservative Firebrand Eric Erickson Attending Seminary
Conservative blogger, pundit and power broker, Erickson is currently taking classes at Reformed Theological Seminary in Atlanta.

Here are some excerpts from recent essays by Eric Erickson:

“In 2009, Walmart championed Obamacare. In fact, Walmart went so far as to sign a letter with the Service Employees International Union, a major player within Democrat politics. After Obamacare passed, Walmart promptly declared it would no longer offer health insurance to many of its part-time employees.”

“Many conservatives, myself included, cancelled their account[s] to Angie’s List when the company came out vocally against religious liberty legislation. [In Indiana] Its CEO was publicly critical of Christians. The financials of the company suggest it may not be long for the world.* Walmart also opposed religious liberty legislation, but did [so] behind the scenes with lobbyists and letters hoping the public would not notice.”

Erick Erickson—the editor in chief of, “a right-wing pundit whom Democrats loathe and Republicans fear…” is currently attending Reformed Theological Seminary in Atlanta, to pursue—part-time, between radio broadcasts—a master’s degree in biblical studies.

It’s noteworthy to see such a fiery political blogger and pundit working out his faith and temper his rhetoric* (He has been known for less-than-polite discourse in his brief tenure as a leading conservative critic.)

There are several political pundits on the internet and elsewhere who are championing Christian and conservative political views that offer good perspective on issues of our day – but this article in The Atlantic online* does a fair job in profiling one of the more influential figures to emerge form blogging and pod-casting to national radio. Christians may want to pay attention to what he has to say about the current political landscape in America.

Erickson explained his decision in earlier online article at The Blaze: “My conscience has convicted me that I need a greater education in these matters of faith I find myself more often discussing,”

* Warning: The article contains some objectionable language.

The Culture War is Coming to a Church Near You
The Supreme Court of The United States may launch a deadly salvo against freedom of religion and the 14th Amendment. Do we have our armor on?

In a typically well-considered, researched and insightful essay appearing today Tuesday, April 28, 2015, Dr. Albert Mohler, President of Southern Baptist Seminary in Louisville, KY examines the events leading up the decision by the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) to hear arguments for the state’s rights to constitutionally ban same-sex marriage – a right clearly afforded to them by the 14th amendment of Constitution of the United States. It is astonishing to observe that the laws, traditions and customs established and upheld for generation upon generation may well be overturned by nine justices in black robes.

Elsewhere on this site, Rachel Hamman offers a superb construction of the SCOTUS hearing and the potential outcome. It is a great analysis of the historic and potentially infamous decision that could result. We will know the decision, we are told, near the end of June of this year.

Another development in the culture war is the news of Hillary Clinton, (currently considered to be the only serious candidate for President of the Democratic Party) made some disturbing remarks about changing current values and beliefs still held by many if not most Americans. In remarks at the Women in the World Summit Clinton made the following statement: “Far too many women are still denied critical access to reproductive health care,” Clinton said. “Laws have to be backed up with resources and political will,” she added. “And deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed.”

Wonderful. It’s not too difficult to imagine how easily she would change those “biases” if she were given the chance. It’s amazing to consider her remarks and how hollow they are in light of her current controversy as revealed in the new book, Clinton Cash by Peter Schweizer. I’m wondering if it is still considered inappropriate for the Church – both as the Body of Christ and as an institution – to speak out about honesty and the need for real investigation of potential acts of serious illegal and unethical implications that make her candidacy extraordinarily problematic.

Finally, as we pray about these issues, we ought to include in our prayers the victims already suffering their own persecution for following their Christian beliefs. This story is heart-breaking and should be a cause for outrage and righteous indignation. The article calls for action, and I would encourage everyone to consider the call carefully. It may well be you and me who will one day suffer at the hands of political tyranny. It will depend of course on our courage and our convictions how well we persevere. I would like to think we will be considering the future America is headed for and how Christians will be living in that future. The era of mere debate and discussion is long past. It is time to prepare for the battle. Does that idea seem far-fetched?

The Apostle Paul said, “ Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.” Ephesians 6:10-18

Obama Lectures Christians Using Twisted Moral Equivalency
Draws swift response from outraged Christian and political leaders

Remarks by President Obama on Thursday at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, DC, (just two days following a secretive meeting with Muslim community leaders at the White House) included the following: “And lest we get on our high horse and think this is unique to some other place, remember that during the Crusades and the Inquisition, people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ. In our home country, slavery and Jim Crow all too often was justified in the name of Christ.” The complete transcript of his speech can be found here. Understandably the remarks drew strong reaction from Christian as well as political leaders almost immediately.

This quote from E.W. Jackson of The Called Church in an interview with Elizabeth Hasselback on Fox News is one such example: “With all due respect to him and to the office: Mr. President, if you don’t want to give terrorists a recruitment tool instead of closing Guantanamo Bay frankly, sir, you ought to close your mouth because you just gave them a gigantic propaganda tool.  They called us Crusaders, and you’ve just confirmed it!  Mr. President, we’re not on our “high horse.” What we are on is high alert, and the American people would like for once to know that you’re willing to defend Christianity and defend America instead of defending Islam.”

Charles Krauthammer gave a very sharp appraisal of the speech on Sean Hannity‘s program Friday: “I was stunned that the president could say something so, I mean, at once, banal and offensive. Here we are from an act shocking barbarism, the burning alive of a prisoner of war, and Obama’s message is that we should remember the Crusades and the Inquisition. I mean, for him to say that all of us have sinned, all religions have transgressed — it was adolescent stuff. Everyone knows that. What’s important is what’s happening now. Christianity no longer goes on Crusades. It gave up the Inquisition a while ago. The Book of Joshua is knee deep in blood. That story is over too.”

Perhaps one of the best responses came from Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal on Friday: “It was nice of the President to give us a history lesson at the Prayer breakfast,” Jindal said. “Today, however, the issue right in front of his nose, in the here and now, is the terrorism of Radical Islam, the assassination of journalists, the beheading and burning alive of captives. We will be happy to keep an eye out for runaway Christians, but it would be nice if he would face the reality of the situation today. The Medieval Christian threat is under control, Mr. President. Please deal with the Radical Islamic threat today.”

From a segment by Rush Limbaugh during his Friday program is, frankly, heartbreaking: “To me it is. I just… You know, I hear Bishop Jackson here talking about, “The president does everything possibly he can to defend Islam and does nothing to defend the honor of this country.” I can’t think of a president we would ever talk about where that would be asserted. Now, I wasn’t alive during Woodrow Wilson, so he’s the last full-fledged… Well, but he was a huge liberal.  Don’t misunderstand.  Woodrow Wilson a huge liberal.  Even FDR, for crying out loud. Nobody would ever mistake FDR for somebody that thought this country had a price to pay for its very existence, like Obama apparently does.”

It is difficult to predict how much more divisive this president can be as each new day brings yet another revelation about his character and his deeply troubling agenda. But of one thing we can be fairly certain, we will likely see more of this kind of rhetoric as his term in office concludes.

Even the CIA isn't Safe Anymore
The Take Down of America, One Piece at a Time

This week Americans were thrilled to know that Senator Diane Feinstein released classified and sensitive information detailing the activities of Central Intelligence Agency operatives in the interrogation and redaction of terrorists involved in, among other pleasantries the bombing of the World Trade Center, The Pentagon, and the failed attempt at the White House.

The question most political pundits – particularly those of the opposition party is why. Why now, and why in a manner that is certain to bring harm if not outright death and destruction to military forces (particularly some 4,000 marines stationed in the Middle East) as well as CIA operatives still in the field, and for that matter the countless American contractors, journalists, government workers and their families there and around the world?

By any measure, it is utterly astounding unless you factor in the very political framework that Feinstein operates in – notably, the imminent loss of status and stature she holds as chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Given the committee name – it has to be supremely ironic just how stupid such a move really is.

To hold desperately to her credentials as an enlightened Washington figurehead of the Democratic Party and an enforcer of Constitutional correctness and democratic largesse, Feinstein claims she wants the world to know Americans do not and certainly should not do impolite things to mass murderers and terrorists during interrogation. There is simply no way she doesn’t know what she is doing is placing the lives of all of us chastised Americans and our families on the endangered species list.

The problem, you see, is that Muslim extremists, jihadists, and ISIS/ISIL army fighters may very well become enraged all afresh and extract retribution whenever and wherever possible. If this is assertion has merit – and what argument could be mounted that it isn’t, clearly she doesn’t care.

The odd part of all of this is the dual messaging the Obama administration has been spinning in lauding the decision on the one hand, while simultaneously Defense Secretary John Kerry advised against the move.

My prayer is that no one will die as a result of her raw political play. But if someone does, she must bear the burden of guilt. So too, must the White House who would profit from this by appealing to their increasingly virulent party base. You see, Obama, Feinstein and Democrats in general may have in mind that adding confusion and chaos as a near-term strategy for regaining control of the Senate and to hold on to the White House. Talk about outcome-based solutions. It’s pretty depressing really.

I used to think offering aid and comfort to America’s enemies was considered treason. Evidently, I’m wrong about that.


Then They Came for the Pastors
Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) has this news release of urgent importance for pastors and church leaders.

Recently, to the shock and amazement of most observers – even committed liberal progressive pundits, the city of Houston, Texas has engaged in some rather ominous, even draconian measures against critics of a new ordinance enacted over the objections of most of the city’s residents regarding allowing members of the opposite sex into each other’s [public] restrooms.

It’s now become morbidly fascinating to witness the sheer velocity of the degrading of human decency by people who hold elected office these days. Regardless of the new ordinance however, what followed is even more mind boggling. Owing to an outcry and a legitimately prepared and filed petition to have the law repealed – which was summarily quashed by the City Attorney – several Houston area pastors have been subpoenaed by this same city attorney to release sermons, personal papers, notes and other material.

Evidently, Houston’s new ruling elite have decided that they will put a stop to the exercise of free speech, separation of church and state and evidently their own city and state charter and constitution that should prevent that sort of thing.

We are witness to a brazen attack on men of God and all people of conscience and who believe they can object to tyranny by lawful and peaceful means. Anyone remember the name Sinclair Lewis? He once wrote a book called: “It Can’t Happen Here”.

Please take this opportunity to read this engaging essay by Dr. Albert Mohler.

SCA advises all pastors to follow this situation carefully as it develops and to prepare for future outrages – perhaps in your area as well.

Be blessed and be prepared.

Authorities Are Now Openly Confronting Church Pastors for Speaking Out
Evangelical leaders are angry after city officials in Houston subpoenaed sermons given by local pastors who oppose an equal rights ordinance that provides protections to the LGBT community.

For a detailed report on the developing story, go here.

Who's On First? Does Anybody Know Who's in Charge Here?
There is a disturbing trend in America right now: The loss of confidence in government. To be more precise, the loss of confidence from people who mistakenly placed their confidence in it to begin with.

A recent Fox News Poll reveals the statistics:

The new poll, released Wednesday, finds 58 percent of voters feel things in the world are “going to hell in a handbasket.” That includes nearly half of Democrats (48 percent) and majorities of independents (61 percent) and Republicans (71 percent).

Meanwhile, by a 61-36 percent margin, voters say they don’t feel hopeful about the direction of the country. That’s a reversal from 2012 when 57 percent felt hopeful.

Plus, by a 10 percentage-point margin, more voters think the country is “worse off” today than before Obama was elected (49 worse off vs. 39 better off).

Much of the problem with voter confidence lately is attributed to the simply deplorable ways that the Obama administration is handling one crisis after the next and the pattern of incompetence (real or perceived) of its appointed agency chiefs. A great read on this is found here on this issue from a recent article in Human Events magazine.

Supreme Court of the United States Abdicates to Counter Culture
By now, you should know the Supreme Court of the United States has refused to hear any cases regarding traditional marriage amendments by the various states with pending cases.

This development will certainly have the effect of permitting homosexual marriages in at least 30 states almost immediately. Elsewhere, SCA has posted an essay on this development. Directly below, we have placed a PDF document that may prove valuable for your church in the near future as we prepare for the anticipated requests for marriage ceremonies by homosexual couples.

Suggested Language for By-Laws and Charters in This New Age
Here is suggested language for your church by-laws provided by our friends at Alliance Defending Freedom.

Read and download, then select back button to return to this page.


Virginia State Delegate Mark Cole Introduces HR 566
The following is excerpted from an announcement sent to Delegate Bob Marshall’s constituents re new proposed marriage legislation:
HR 566  will require Speaker Bill Howell to remove Attorney General Mark Herring from the Marriage Amendment case and will require the Speaker to appoint special counsel to represent Virginia’s interests in this case.

In addition HR 566 will direct Speaker Howell to appoint special counsel to ensure proper separation of powers should Governor Terry McAuliffe attempt to implement Medicaid expansion without General Assembly approval as he has stated he may do. For complete text of the bill, read more here.


Byron Babione Announces Supreme Court Hold on Ruling
Byron Babione serves as senior counsel and director of marriage litigation for the Center for Marriage and Family with Alliance Defending Freedom.

In a statement released by Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Counsel Byron Babione, the U.S. Supreme Court decided Wednesday, 9/20 to put a hold on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit’s 2-1 decision against Virginia’s marriage amendment while the case, Bostic v. Schaefer, is appealed to the high court. ADF attorneys represent Prince William County Clerk of Court Michèle B. McQuigg in defense of the amendment.

Mr Babione said, “Virginians deserve an orderly and fair resolution to the question of whether they will remain free to preserve marriage as the union of a man and a woman in their laws. By granting our request to place a hold on the 4th Circuit’s decision, the Supreme Court is making clear, as it already did in the Utah marriage case, that it believes a dignified process is better than disorder. The Supreme Court acted wisely in restraining the lower court from implementing a ruling of this magnitude before the high court has a chance to decide the issue.”

Earlier this month, SCA posted three separate essays relating to the decision by the 4th Circuit to over-rule the Virginia State amendment, overwhelmingly voted in 2006. This will effectively delay same-sex marriages until the next session that commences in October. The Alliance Defending Freedom has been a leading player in the Christian community’s efforts to protect state constitutional mandates against abuse of power and judicial legislation. Additional resource: WSJ report