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Life Site News Publishes Archbishop Vigano’s Letter to President Trump

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò


In a compelling letter addressed to President Donald Trump, Archbishop Vigano makes the case for what is really happening in America today: the battle between the forces of good, and the forces of evil. SCA has been saying from the beginning that ultimately the culture will face the truth one way or the other. We are at war, and have been for a long, long time now. Today however, the situation could not be any clearer. How else do explain the Speaker of the House of Representatives in solidarity with forces calling for the abolition of law and order, and the dismantling of police forces in American cities? How else do explain riots, looting, destruction and burning of private property being excused because of institutionalized racism? There is no such thing as institutional racism, or systemic racism. The news pouring over our television and computer screen, the radio and those old-time, almost forgotten major newspapers, is happening so fast, with such obvious organized messaging, that there is no other way to explain it than evil, organized warfare on the American people.

Editor’s note: Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò has released this powerful letter today to President Trump warning him that the current crises over the coronavirus pandemic and the George Floyd riots are a part of the eternal spiritual struggle between the forces of good and evil. He encourages the president to continue the fight on behalf of the “children of light.” Read the letter in PDF form here.

Philip Jenkins (credit: Kurt Manwaring, “From the Desk”)

In a compelling editorial published on, Philip Jenkins spells it out for the future of churches in America.

But the dateline is April 24th, more than a full month before the fateful killing of George Floyd by Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, 44, who is now charged with murder and manslaughter.

At this posting, America has been rocked by rioting, looting, burning, and the deaths of 34 additional people. More omnious still is the complete investment in the concocted narrative that all police are racists, and all police departments should be disbanded and/or defunded. Google searches fail to produce a dispassionate, objective, news account online from any source but fully invested media agencies. At any other time in American history prior to this, the situation would be universally called insurrection.

And so the churches in America at this time are facing an even greater challenge to remain relevant biblically relevant and instructive. In fact they are still struggling under austere government imposed restrictions on assembly owing to the COVID-19 pandemic safety restrictions.

This is still an important read. Please take the time to do just that.

Philip Jenkins is Distinguished Professor of History at Baylor University, and is based there  in the Institute for Studies of Religion. His most recent book is Rethinking a Nation: The United States in the 21st Century (Red Globe Books, 2019).


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