By J. Jeff Toler, Shenandoah Christian Alliance

There is a connection between Hegel’s dialectical theory, Marxism, and the free fall of our culture in this nation, with SCA’s clarion call to Christian pastors, teachers, and faith leaders to urge their church members to register and vote this November. Statistics reveal 25% of Christians do not vote. Indeed many Christians are not even registered to vote. It’s been posited that If every Evangelical Christian were to vote their biblical values, they would ensure the conservative outcome of most any election held today. But SCA would actually be doing a disservice to the cause of Christ, if this was the only reason for developing and promoting the “Understanding the Times” campaign this season.

SCA is making this call with the hope in mind that every church is hearing, understanding, teaching, and believing what Jesus is warning His Church.

“Then the Kingdom of Heaven will be like ten bridesmaids[a] who took their lamps and went to meet the bridegroom. 2 Five of them were foolish, and five were wise.” (Matthew 25:1-2) 

The true Church represents something Marxists hate: truth. Moreover, they hate the truth revealed within a right doctrine that elevates God, and humbles the man, who being wise, loves and serves The Truth because he is made wise. 

He has shown you, O man, what is good; And what does the Lord require of you But to do justly, To love mercy, And to walk humbly with your God?(Micah 6:8 NKJV)

When we refer to Judaeo/Christian values, we do so within the context of our civic duty, which, to be perfectly honest, is not an eternal imperative. While it is definitely important, we do not want to conflate voting with these values in mind, and being faithful to our biblical understanding of how we choose to think and live. But we know it remains the wise thing to do.

As a man thinks, so is he. (Proverbs 23:7)

How we vote in this instance, and encourage others to vote should reflect a clear understanding of the way God has given us to think. He gave us Truth so we know how to think—with our heads as well as our hearts.

This is not the typical political messaging you might see and hear at the run up to a general election. The messaging includes the imperatives that we ought be seeing so very clearly, but often don’t: a dreadful, horrible, and eternally deadly anarchist worldview that has made huge strides to crush western civilization, (with its love for family, justice, and truth) and to render the churches weak and irrelevant. Yes, Virginia, it’s really that serious. Do we know that everyone understands the personal implications of this? This is why it is so important that we we understand that this dreadful cultural Marxist dialectic has slowly and stealthily crept into churches all across the land. 

  • “The attacks against the faith in the push for egalitarianism, same-sex attracted but non-practicing, work-based prosperity gospel, social justice, critical race theory, are ALL based on a rejection of the sufficiency of scripture, and we are losing that war big time. It all heads into theological liberalism.” (Justin Peters, on Theology.Driven podcast)

Right now, we are engaged in spiritual warfare on a scale unlike anything we have seen previously in our nation’s history. Indeed, this same warfare is raging all over the world— and it’s been so for nearly a hundred years, but certainly the last fifty years in America with shocking effectiveness.

Previously, we cited a passage of scripture that can sometimes puzzle us:

“I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves. (Matthew 10:16)

What does Jesus mean by being shrewd as a snake—or serpent—as some translation read? Here’s what Dennis Renner has to say:

  • “The word ‘wise’ is the Greek word pronimos, which means prudent, careful, cunning, discerning, thoughtful, intelligent, or sensible. This word perfectly depicts the behavior and actions of snakes. They are very careful, discerning, intelligent, and prudent in how they act. The Greek word for ‘serpent’ is the word ophis, which is the normal Greek word that refers to a snake.” (1)

To be wise as a serpent, and innocent (or peaceful, gentle) as doves should describe every Christian. To be both shrewd and innocent is to be obedient to Christ. For most people, snakes are viewed with prudent respect. They prefer to give them wide birth, to avoid being struck. To avoid confrontation.

So, at what point do we know when it is time to strike—as any good snake would know? Being able to seize an opportunity at the right moment is very important. To know when that time is right requires we be in tune with God through His Holy Spirit.

Is this the right time?

Have we waited too long? Or, has God already prepared the way, and all we need is someone to lead us? Is that person being used by God already here?

A fascinating interview with Jonathon Cahn and Eric Metaxes reveals some amazing discoveries. It is possible that we may be seeing the evidence of God’s hand in the affairs of men at this very moment. If Cahn’s claims bear out, and they can be verified, we might gain the courage to do what we know we ought to do.

Being good snakes, we want to bring real independence from the tyranny of cultural Marxism. As a dove, we want the genuine peace only Jesus Christ brings.

But please, get out the vote this year.

May God bless America