Election 2016 and Justice

Many consider election 2016 to be the most amazing time in our history since Watergate. That comparison may be way too temperate.

A major political party candidate, known to have disregarded, or violated major both federal law and State Department policies; engaging in now obvious acts of financial and political profit while holding the office Secretary of State, and knowingly and deliberately lying to the American people, as well as Congress may well be elected President of The United States of America.

It is almost unbelievable – a plot line for some lurid, fantastic thriller along the lines of James Bond. But sadly, this is for real.

Americans, and this includes Christians of every denomination and persuasion have been reminded – relentlessly, that both Hillary Rodham Clinton and Donald J. Trump pose the most disappointing choice of candidates for President of the United States. Admittedly, it would not be difficult to find fault with Donald J. Trump, it is really absurd for me to think both he and Hillary Clinton are morally relevant to each other, because they are not. Not by a stretch. The record of Hillary Clinton’s public life the past 30 years is out there for all to see – as is Donald Trump’s.

A rudimentary side-by-side comparison would clearly show a pattern of wanton disregard for the truth, a lack of moral ethics, and a clear aim in dismantling the rule of law with Clinton. In turn, Donald Trump has spent his entire adult life in the public eye building and managing real estate properties worth billions of dollars all around the world – all the while employing thousands of people and creating wealth and prosperity. If his rhetoric is sincere, he is a man who loves his country. He loves liberty and justice. Honestly, I agree with Dr. James Dobson, who wrote:

“What hangs in the balance is not only who will occupy the White House, but the many down-ballot candidates and initiatives, our constitutional right to religious liberty, the sanctity of human life, the meaning of marriage and the composition and nature of our entire judiciary. This election could represent a point of no return for many of the issues Americans hold dear.”

I have reason for hope that the American people, and this includes clear thinking Christians, cannot and will not abide with someone who possesses contempt for justice; and in turn will ignore the proclamations – even by some evangelical Christian leaders – to never vote for Trump. But with less than 24 hours before the polls close in most states, only Almighty God can know what will happen if Hillary Clinton is elected.

The situation has been rendered so complex and fractured because in large part of Clinton campaign efforts, aided outright by the mainstream media, to confuse and misdirect the voting public from the truth of her illicit activities. Few people can even get their head around the scope and magnitude of every questionable activity Clinton has engaged in, including her complicity in the Benghazi raid, and the lies that followed it; her illicit private email server that clearly contained classified, even top-secret communiques while serving as Secretary of State; the Clinton Foundation, which has undeniably been funded by foreign government contributors and has enriched her and her husband, former President Bill Clinton – all the while lying repeatedly to the American people.

It is always easy to gauge when someone is lying by the number of times they must change their story.

For Christians this election will bring to bear why it is essential we understand our relationship to government and what we must always expect of it.

He has shown you, O man, what is good;
And what does the Lord require of you
But to do justly,
To love mercy,
And to walk humbly with your God? – Micah 6:8

I have been reading an amazing set of class course essays by Jonathon Leeman, Editorial Director of 9Marks and an elder at Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, D.C. They are available for reading at:


These brilliant monographs are must-read for all Christians who need to better understand what our role and responsibility is with our government.

In week 1, Leeman describes with remarkable clarity “What Christians Should Do for Government: Love Your Nation, People, or Tribe” He writes:

To learn how to love our nation, people-group, or tribe. Jesus commands us to love God and love our neighbor. And one way for us to do that is to work for justice in the public square. Why should Christians care about what happens in a nation’s public square? Fundamentally for the sake of love and justice. Because we love our neighbors, we want to ensure they live in a land where justice is done. And so we should work to use whatever stewardship God has given us to that end. Has he given you a vote? Love your neighbors by using it for the purposes of justice. Has he given you the ability to think carefully through complex legal arguments? Perhaps love your neighbor by using that gift as a lawyer. Different Christians have different opportunity and responsibilities for engaging the public square. I cannot tell you how engaged God would have you personally to be. I can say that God calls you to love your neighbors and that you should care about justice, each of us according to our callings and stewardships.

Sadly, many believers are unable to grasp just how important the Church is in this regard. But make no mistake, the relentless march of progressivism and other post-Christian forces, has been inexhaustible. Justice, like so many other virtues has become a casualty of war – spiritual war. So, where are the Christians this election? Will we stay home or will we vote? And, if the results do not turn out well… what then?

This election will bring Americans to the edge of the cliff. We will either fall, or back away… to be granted a reprieve, or at best some forbearance to regain what hope God has given us and love our nation, our people, and our tribe. And to do justice.

Regardless of the outcome of the election, America has never before faced this kind of threat before: the loss of nation – a place without borders, the loss of people-group and tribe – American citizens. This will lead to the loss of representation and justice. The face of tyranny has made its entrance onto the election stage. We are the last hope before it prevails.

May God bless America.