If knowledge is power, than wisdom is holy… and truth is sacred.

America has become thoroughly inured to a very determined far-left world-view. So even though we are, generally speaking, a dysfunctional society, the recent off-year elections provided some very interesting results… especially for people who have been buying into the dominant cultural narratives of our day. Perhaps the reasons for this can be explained by exploring the agenda of the far-left political and media elites who dominate the narrative. That agenda includes removing every traditional restraint that guides and unifies a healthy, functioning society. Every now and then something happens that we desperately hope shows we haven’t fully “lost it.”

A great example of this can be seen in three significant election results just this past November 3rd that really took many people by surprise.

In Ohio, in spite of some $20 million to pass it, a ballot initiative to legalize marijuana failed – by 2 to 1!

In Kentucky, a Christian, social conservative gubernatorial candidate wins the election by what is largely considered in these times, a landslide: 54% to 43%; something no one was predicting.

And, in Houston, Texas, the HERO or “bathroom law” (as reported in a previous post) goes down to defeat by more than 60% of the vote.

So what’s happening here? Have we been transported to some kind of alternate universe? Have we encountered an anomoly in the matrix of the space/time continuum? Or, is it possible there are still people out there who are finally finding the nonsense too difficult to bear any longer?

Few political pundits will disagree that the general election run up resembles anything typical. Anyone outside the political ruling class is now considered suspect. As evidence, consider the polling (so far) of the top-tiered presidential candidates who never held or campaigned for elected office before. Why is this? Perhaps it’s because these same candidates are saying things that everyone is thinking but have been reluctant to say themselves – until now. There seems to be a release of pent-up emotions concerning topics that have too long been deemed politically incorrect to say or feel.

The major areas of concern for Americans this election year we are told, are jobs, income and illegal immigration. Upon analysis, it’s easy to see they all go hand-in-hand with what concerns us the most: The loss of upward mobility, and worse, the threat to security and independence. But there are certainly other issues that Americans are loathe to abandon altogether: namely decency, freedom and personal privacy – to name just a few.

After nearly seven years of executive over-reach and congressional lassitude, America is growing restless with seeing their long-held moral convictions under assault. These very things are what give people a sense of stability and hope. Our culture, it may be assumed, is still fastened to what can best be described as good and honorable American traditions – traditions of honest enterprise and sacrifice to personal responsibility. We expect it of ourselves and we rightly expect it from others.

What these election returns may be indicating then is this: There are still Americans who value these things more than blindly following the dictates of liberal/progressive/secular/humanist (LPSH) theology; those who have been overturning and over-running the status quo. With that said, proponents of drug use, same-sex attraction and reckless immodesty don’t truthfully deserve accommodation so as to over-ride common decency, fairness, and morality. Such terms in fact, have become rare in the current lexicon because those presiding over our public forums: mainstream media, education, and entertainment, have commanded the narrative – and proclaiming them obsolete. But maybe they’re really not.

The LPSH will stop at very little, using very effective techniques to drive their agenda, and the Democratic Party has fully embraced it. A recent briefing from Dr. Al Mohler for example, details the chief tools in controlling the dialog. He examines to the weapons of hate and fear used by the far left to shape the dialog.

If the power of the ballot still works, then America as she once was may still have a chance. We need to be wise however about discerning the truth and determining how our innate understanding of facts will guide our choices. But please do not expect the truth from the usual sources or you will be greatly disappointed. The dominate news and entertainment purveyors in our culture abandoned truth a long time ago, even resorting to outright lies (ask Dr. Ben Carson how that works) to promote a very cynical, malformed world-view. Be aware, be prepared and be informed by sifting the truth for yourselves. Above all, be wise.

The beginning of wisdom is this: Get wisdom. Though it costs all you have, get understanding. Proverbs 4:7

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