Reverend Dr. Robert M. Grant, and wife, Rev. Marsha Grant

For those members with a Christian, Biblical world view, and are avid supporters of the Judeo/Christian values that this country was founded upon, this was the right prayer at the right time when the leftist/progressive Democrats have gained a majority in both houses of the Virginia legislature, and are hell bent on passing a plethora of laws to rescind all protections for our most vulnerable citizens: unborn children. This includes killing them right up to the day of their birth. They promote the increasingly aggressive, abominable LGBQ agenda (including in our government schools, and to our youngest students) They are attempting to subvert the 2nd amendment with requirements that will not make the victims safer, but will embolden the criminals and greatly reduce the capability of the law abiding citizen to defend himself and his family.

For the other members, currently in the elected majority, that subscribe to a secular humanist world view, and who are far left of center, the prayer was totally unacceptable – as evidenced by their fidgeting, their smirks, and their squirming as each word of truth was uttered. It was very telling as we watched them display their total discomfort when someone was willing to speak the truth and expose them for their “evil” agenda.

Whenever we witness an act of courage like this we can’t help but wonder what would happen if, in the weeks before the next election in November, every pastor in this state were to stand in the pulpit and present this prayer (or anything similar) and then charge their congregations to go to the polls and vote their Christian values. We have to think that the days of the spiritually impoverished leftists would be numbered, and this country could get back to being the God fearing nation that was built on Judeo/Christian values and for which God has seen fit to bless for over 240 years.

Note: It is understandable that Eileen Filler-Corn, Speaker of the House, from Fairfax County, who was presiding at the session, cut the prayer short by slamming down the gavel and immediately leading the delegates in “The Pledge of Allegiance”, thus ending the embarrassment of those that were in support of all the “Ungodly” laws that were and are being proposed.

Last year, it should be noted, Speaker Filler-Corn was quoted as saying, “House Republicans have used their majority to try to shame women — to try to bully and dictate to women what we can and cannot do with our bodies,” Filler-Corn said. “Virginia women are watching, and Virginia women are paying attention.” Any wonder Filler-Corn cannot stand to hear abortion angers a just God?

We cannot thank Rev. Grant enough for his courage and his commitment to the Biblical principles that has made our country great, and his willingness to speak when the opportunity presented itself. May God bless him and God bless Dave LaRock, Todd Gilbert, Michael Webert and all their fellow patriots for taking a stand for truth, irrespective of public criticism and ridicule.

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