Sexual Exploitation of Children

For those of us living in Virginia, comes this interesting development reported by The Family Foundation, “Kid-friendly postcards are showing up in families’ mailboxes inviting our teens to use what amounts to a sex-text hotline promoted by the state government. The postcard invites your children to anonymously text their questions about sex, relationships and gender identity to a stranger to get answers in 24 hours. Turns out this is part of an initiative promoted by the Virginia Department of Health, that ultimately, falls under Gov. Ralph Northam’s purview.”

There is a way to stop one of these means for child abuse, (we are unlikely to affect anything happening in California, which is in complete free fall) by taking action in petitioning Northam to stop this action. Go here to this link to Family Foundation, where this was reported.

From The Washington Times, Valerie Ricardson writes,  “In California, there is a bill on California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s desk that would reduce criminal penalties for sexual activity between gay teens and young adults has ignited an uproar over sex offenses and LGBTQ rights.”

“Senate Bill 145, sponsored by Democratic State Sen. Scott Wiener, would eliminate automatic sex-offender registration for adults who have voluntary oral or anal sex with 14-to-17-year-olds when the offender is within 10 years of the age of the teenager involved. Judges already have discretion under state law to decide at sentencing whether to register an offender who has uncoerced vaginal sex with a teenage girl aged 14 to 17 within the 10-year age gap.”

Richardson continues, “Senate Bill 145 is an anti-discrimination law,” Mr. Wiener, a San Francisco legislator who is openly gay, told ABC10. “It ends discrimination against LGBTQ people on the sex offender registry.”

Richardson concludes with this classic Marxist tactic of projection from Mr. Weiner:

“He pushed back against what he called a “massive misinformation campaign” amid escalating national outrage on the right.”

Well, he’s right about one thing, “the right” is outraged, and they have every reason to be.