Last week, several friends and I went to Richmond to visit with our state legislators at the state capitol. We also had the opportunity to hear from speakers on the political climate within our state. Being accustomed to eating on a regular basis, a friend and I walked a couple of blocks from the Convention Center and found a pleasant restaurant, the Richmond on Broad Café at the corner of East Broad and 7th Street.

image003We had a good lunch, but while finishing my coffee, I began to read the coffee cup sleeve (coffee cozy) and found some pretty disturbing things. The cozy was provided by the University of Richmond, as I believe the café is actually within a building maintained by the university. On one side was a picture of a young man with a message on the chalk board behind him, “profess queer love.” On the other side was a printed quote from the young man, “The LGBTQ Lounge reminds me of the power of our organizing, our vision, and the willingness of UR (University of Richmond) to commit to our success.”

At first I was surprised, and then shocked at having so wrong a message shoved into my face, while eating, and realized that it was promoted and supported by the university. Knowing that not all believe and think like I do, I am not surprised that such lifestyles exist, but I was not prepared for the raw advocacy. Would the university publish cup cozies with other more balanced messages if I so requested? How about a view that would reinforce morality and proper living? How about a view that there is a natural law of biology and sexuality? What if the view were biblical? I am sure none of these views would ever be accepted or even considered.

I then decided to visit the University’s website to see if this was real, an oddity or very normal. After much exploring, I found that the “diversity” element was well established and offered a variety of opportunities for these students including “Queer UR” scheduled events, meetings and regular AIDS testing. I am sure the University is attempting to accommodate these diverse students and encourage them, but is it truly helping them? Is this University, indeed many other organizations, leading people toward a better life or simply forcing square pegs into round holes because that is the “new” important message of the day? Do these organizations desire more for a person than a brief moment of pleasure with no regard to a fulfilling and complete life? I am pretty sure they do not!

To allow anyone to simply do as they feel at any particular moment does not build a better society. I believe that our society was ordered by God and that our making changes that deny God and His order will only lead to very difficult times ahead. We choose to ignore our past as being too “old fashioned” without considering what was accomplished and achieved. It is now inconvenient to simply do the right thing. We make wholesale changes to our language and actual word meaning so that any word can mean anything to anyone at any time. There is no absolute truth, no truth of any kind except that truth designated by the elitist. The average citizen makes no effort to discern for himself. Many people merely accept what they are told without question. Homosexuals call themselves “gay” simply because it has a better ring to it than queer, yet they continue to refer to themselves as queer. Maybe it is to disguise the real intent, to make it sound acceptable even though it is not.

The homosexual movement has made great strides mainly because anyone who offers a differing opinion is immediately derided by those who claim tolerance, but in reality only accept a single view of anything – theirs. We never hear both sides of any argument without “the other” side being immediately labeled as a “hater” or “bigot”, even when this person has a wealth of fact, information and the support of the majority with them. Most people simply don’t know what the real issue is once it has been so disguised. There is no “gay marriage” possible – only “unnatural unions.” People are not born homosexual, because there is no biological evidence for it. It is a behavioral issue, and one that opposes morality, nature and faith. Allowing a person to live unnaturally does not permit them to have a full life, but usually a very short one full of illness, mental conflicts and unhappiness. This is doing them a favor? A person who lives a life in opposition to God will not find salvation but damnation.

“If we claim to be without sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us. If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just and will forgive our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness” 1 John 1: 8-9, NIV

By living in a make-believe world ignoring fact and truth, can any of us find happiness in this life, much less eternal salvation? Many who are in the church will disagree with this, but do you truly believe in the profession of your own faith or do you like a more easy-to-live-by version?

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