Now is the Time When Reality Sets In

Few times in history have a people been allowed to see the shaping of their destiny as we are now. Arriving at the end of a 60 year journey, three generations of Americans are about to welcome the next generation to either tepid prosperity or the gnawing pain of vain and hopeless struggle. That’s how grim the situation seems to me as I take in the sweep of the smoldering debris of just the past few years, and I behold the “fundamental transformation” of once great nation. But did it really all come about in just seven or eight years? No. Like oil-soaked rags piled high near the open flame, and for too long unattended, it was only a matter of time before the inevitable, but unavoidable moment in history to ignite.

The time has come.

For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. 2 Timothy 4:3

Does anyone remember when the term, “common sense” meant anything? It seems having any sense at all is desperately uncommon anymore. I really am a child of the sixties and seventies. Those were the defining years for me. The Kennedy assassinations, the Viet Nam war, the race riots, the student protests, Watergate, gas rationing and so much more. I was there. I lived it. I know without a shadow of doubt those were the years that naive permissiveness began its inevitable surrender to rebellion, discord and social re-engineering.

Mr. Obama, his administration, and most of the political ruling class in Washington must think those were the high-watermark years. But of course they were no such thing. There was much harm wrought then and we are far worse off now as a culture than we were before because of them. And that is saying much when considering the generation that came before us who endured the Great Depression and the Second World War.

Who is the bitter clinger now?

Mr. Obama is bitterly clinging to the same old lame, dim-witted beliefs and social tenets that clearly shaped his world-view – which in turn were really a rehash of a century-old belief system born in Western Europe. A belief system that birthed the deadliest of political regimes in the history of earth it must be stated! The harsh truth now is, we are facing great peril because the world is in the passing lane on liberal/progressive/humanist ideology. So who really is on the wrong side of history?

Perhaps it is fair to say Mr. Obama is simply incompetent. His advisers certainly are. Worse, there is emerging evidence that reveals this administration is deliberately altering military intelligence reports on the collapsing American influence in the Middle East. Influence that took many years and thousands of lives lost in establishing. That alone makes a ridiculous email server scandal – by his former Secretary of State no less – look pretty tame by comparison. But certainly that development unarguably reveals the now obvious: This administration and its heirs are dishonest and deceptive. We can’t trust them. We can’t respect them.

His insanely stupid nuclear agreement with the Mullahs of Iran is simply breath-taking for its absolute abdication to secure a peaceful co-existence. Moreover, we are financing them as they openly declare their contempt for America. To say the least, it’s outrageous! He has unleashed the most terrible of tools for the destruction of Israel, Europe, and ultimately America into the hands of cruel, theocratic despots. He has paved the way for a truly unholy alliance with truly evil actors on the world stage. It is a monumental act of treachery to the cause of peace; and all at the orchestration of a Nobel Peace Prize winner no less! The net result is an America adrift; disparaged, humiliated and racing toward a devastating shipwreck on the shores of history, the likes of which the world has never seen before.

From Russia with Not-So-Much Love

The old Soviet Union is now rebuilding under Putin who is brutally making Syria his puppet state. And Islam is mushrooming into a major disrupter of the entire world order with Iran building a nuclear arsenal. We now believe, rightly so, that they are partners in a new and exceedingly dangerous Middle East hegemony. America, long considered the only true stabilizing force in the world for the last century is awakening to the new normal – utter political, economic, and spiritual moral collapse. What a terrible legacy we will leave our children.

If we haven’t been preaching the importance of establishing our faith in God as the very heart and center of our lives and our family’s – we better start doing so now. If we haven’t grasped the implications of all of this in light of a robust understanding of Christian eschatology – we better turn to inductive scripture study now – or be completely astonished someday – perhaps soon. We must also understand that Islam has its own eschatology; one that does not allow inclusion for peaceful co-existence with Christianity or any other religion. Islam does not allow for the peaceful co-existence under any law but the Quran or Sharia. Islam considers America the Great Satan. Not a lot of room for negotiation. So, really, what’s the sense in even trying?

Hope Springs Eternal

If we haven’t already prepared for the future in a world without the robust, historically steady influence of a strong America, it may already be too late. But as long as there is Jesus, there is hope. There is no other that even matters. Be praying for God’s glory to be revealed and His peace for the nation even in these times.

The reality is, our Godless friends and neighbors will never know peace as long as they don’t know Jesus. We who do and who follow Him need to heed His instructions to be fishers of men and disciple those who will follow Him.

Peace in our time? Deo volente.

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