Let’s be very honest with ourselves right now. Just how surprised were any of us about the decision the Supreme Court handed down last Friday? Speaking for myself at least, I was more than disappointed. I was terribly disappointed. It could be said I was outraged. But shocked? No, not after witnessing these last few years the passing parade of one long series of defeats for the rule of law, the loss of liberties, racial strife, class warfare, and countless assaults on decency. I have finally witnessed, once and for all, the passing of states-rights into the dust bin of American history – just for starters. Indeed, I had all but prepared myself for this nonsense. More than anything, I was simply waiting for the inevitable. But I was hoping and praying nevertheless.

Will it change the way I think and speak? Will the decision change what I believe? Well, yes and no – it will and it won’t. Let’s be clear: this decision does not change anything that defines me and what I know to be true and what I know to be right before God. And it certainly doesn’t change what I know to be the single most essential thing of all that I believe: Jesus Christ is Lord. His law is supreme and cannot be broken. What this ruling does change is my thinking that someone else will do the talking, the preaching, and the exhorting. What it does change is my thinking that in the end, I am completely safe from persecution in my own country. What it does change once and for all is the paradigm that the Church as an institution can continue doing business as usual.

I will also tell you what I now believe with increasing confidence and conviction: We haven’t seen anything yet. The worst may well be yet to come – and sooner rather than later. But what about The Church? What about the Body of Christ? How now shall we live?

I will let you in on some inside dope. Friday afternoon (right after the decision was handed down) as I spoke with Dale Carpenter, (one of the founders of SCA and a close friend of 20 years) I realized I was talking with someone who was (and is) very angry. It was evident by the tone of his voice and the content of his speech… and, well, he admitted it. He was outraged – and it was obvious. Afterward and on reflection, I realized I don’t really hear that from very many people… then or now. Why is that so I wonder? You see… I needed to hear that.

I really love what Janet Mefferd recently wrote. Her last two blog posts are quite simply – top drawer, nail on the head, stunningly on-point, and soul-thrilling to read. In essence she asks, where is the anger and condemnation Jesus Himself reveals, for example, in Matthew 24:13-37 as He rebukes the legalists of His day.

Her point is this: we should be doing so now.

I believe that America’s churches – particularly evangelical, reformed churches should be so up in arms that the media and all of the other conniving, judgmental, intolerant, left-wing, and progressive/humanist “intelligentsia” should be rendered speechless and ducking for cover. But instead I must put my ear to the ground to hear anything even remotely sounding like righteous outrage. Is that because so many leaders – church or secular are not outraged? Or is it because we are afraid to show it? Either way, I believe it’s another example of why Francis Schaeffer was way too under-appreciated. He so presciently warned us of this day. And now… it is here. Of course, Jesus warned of a day like this too.

This is my first opportunity to write of the insanity of the SCOTUS Obergefell v. Hodges decision. You may rest assured, it won’t be the last.

But I have a question that I believe every right-thinking, inspired, sanctified Christian should be asking themselves as well as all the people of the now disgraced greatest nation on earth. With all of the gender-bending, gender-swapping, broken family, single-mom family, mixed family, enlightened among us… why is it the children – always the children, and certainly the most defenseless and the most fragile of all who must pay the greatest price for our sinful, selfish feelings and worthless indulgence? And why is it the Supreme Court of the United States – of all institutions – who must once again take full responsibility?

History will judge them very harshly.

Fall to your knees Church and pray for forgiveness and repentance. Than stand up and begin to fight back as you should fight… clad in the holy armor of God. You who are the salt and light – the candle holder are in a battle for the souls of a lost and dying nation. And as you fight, take all prisoners with you.