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Math, Science, Racism, and the Public Schools

Jonathon Butcher, in Rescuing Math and Science from Critical Race Theory’s Racial Discrimination, a July 13th article for the The Heritage Foundation writes, “Despite claims to the contrary, K–12 educators are applying the racial prejudice of critical race theory (CRT) to school lessons. In recent months, parents and policymakers around the country have objected to CRT’s mischaracterization of American history in the academic subjects of history and civics. Critical race theorists, however, have also applied the theory’s racially biased principles to math and science. Some educators have redesigned math and science curricula to incorporate CRT’s racially discriminatory ideas to these technical subjects, replacing a focus on mastery of mathematical and scientific processes with racial bias. Parents, educators, and policymakers should reject racial prejudice in every subject, and educators and policymakers should prohibit any instructional material from requiring children to affirm, believe, or practice racial discrimination in their schoolwork.” Please read the complete article here.

What Happens When We Speak Truth to Power

Who wouldn’t appreciate the admiration, “He spoke truth to power?” Speaking truth to power implies a willingness to rectify a wrong, and armed with honesty, possesses the courage to confront those of greater earthly status or power. These things are virtues, and they deserve our enthusiastic support.

  • “To say nothing is saying something. You must denounce things you are against or one might believe that you support things you really do not.” ― Germany Kent  (Read more)

A Catholic Priest Weighs in On Politics

Father James Altman calls out the hypocrisies of Church hierarchy and their destructive leftist politicization of the Catholic Church that has slapped faithful Catholics in the face and led many others astray. Altman also explains the basis of human nature and our purpose in life. In a powerful ten minute video produced by filmmaker Rebecca Brannon, Fr. Altman flatly declares, “You cannot be Catholic and a Democrat. Period.”

By August 30, over 1,070,283 people have watched and heard him say it! Please view this link. You will be astonished. But, be quick about it. His superiors have now taken taken steps to forbid him from further sharing his homilies online.

Look What Doctor WHO Is Saying Now!

“The World Health Organization’s special envoy on COVID-19 has urged world leaders to stop using lockdowns as the primary control method against the spread of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus, commonly known as the novel coronavirus.”

For specific details, read this amazing development as reported in The Epoch Times, October 11 by Ivan Pentchoukov, Senior Political Reporter.

Could President Trump have been correct all along about the devastation these lockdowns are having? It’s difficult to believe the science when the scientists can’t get it right the first time. Which leads us to make an important relevant point:

In most cases, churches quickly complied with the state government’s demands to close their doors to indoor activities and gatherings, because it was assumed this would prevent the contagion. Many churches are still severely limited to meeting indoors, and in some states they are not allowed to meet at all without suffering severe penalties and hardships. Under Federalism, no state can deny first amendment rights. It’s no longer about safety. It’s about scandal.


January 2022

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