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The Corona War, the Culture, and The Church

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We have asked this question before. When it comes to issues considered too political, why are many pastors and church leaders reluctant to speak out against the many “hot button” issues of our day? The answer is often deafening silence. There is a growing sense however, that  it may be not necessarily be due to a lack of courage or conviction. How long can this paradox continue? Perhaps now, a taste of what tyranny is actually like may just inspire the “Angels of the Church” to rethink their position on refraining from bold condemnation of the most greivous of today’s cultural issues. We are asking for you to reply – to make the effort to find your footing and stand in the gap, and declare your willingness to preach the word in season and out. (2 Timothy 4:2) Go here.

Are We Seeing an Escalation of Government Over-reach?

For clear-thinking people, there should be little doubt that over-zealous political leaders and elected officials may be using the novel Coronavirus pandemic crisis with finding ways to force churches to adhere to rules and regulations unfairly.

While most of us have accepted that only essential services should remain operational during this crisis, (although we are coming to doubt how long this situation can last much longer without great economic harm) almost no one seriously entertained the notion that holding Easter services would have been a good idea considering the extraordinary rate of transmission being reported for the virus at that time. But Easter Sunday has come and gone, and there is concern that even by strictly following official guidelines by some church pastors, government agencies and officials are ready to engage in draconian reactions to holding even drive-up services for church gatherings anytime soon. (Read more)

Inspired Pastor Delivers Prayer and Courageous Call for Repentence From Leftist Delegates

By Dale Carpenter

On Tuesday, Feb 11, 2020, Reverend Dr. Robert M. Grant, Jr (Senior Pastor, The Father’s Way Church – Warrenton) opened the Virginia House of Delegates legislative session with one of the most inspiring and convicting prayers that has ever been offered to an assembly of legislators. It took all members present totally by surprise. For the full post, go here. You can watch the prayer its entirety here: Prayer

SCA Book Review: by Jeff Toler

The Age of Entitlement: America Since the Sixties

A major American intellectual makes the historical case that the reforms of the 1960s, reforms intended to make the nation more just and humane, instead left many Americans feeling alienated, despised, misled—and ready to put an adventurer in the White House. Read more here.

Free Bible and The Constitution Course

The achievement of Christian self-government with union is one of the most exciting and miraculous stories of history. This is our story. God brought together 13 extremely diverse colonies into a permanent union, the first Christian Constitutional Republic; the freest nation based on the principles of His Word since the nation of Israel.

This is a great presentation by The Foundation for American Christian Education of the “inseparability” of the Bible from our Constitution and is appropriate for all ages – middle school and beyond. To register, go here.

Christianity and Politics in an Age of Upheaval

A Timely Converstation with Jonathon Leeman and Albert Mohler

“I think if you come to Washington DC, and you walk up to the Lincoln Monument, and you look to your right, and you see the second inaugural address described in marble there on the lawn, you see that beautiful last one of the sentences in it about fervently praying and hoping that we would ‘achieve and cherish a just and lasting peace among ourselves, and with all nations.’ What a beautiful phrase: ‘achieve and cherish a just and lasting peace among ourselves and with all nations’. Well friends, where do we first achieve and cherish a just and lasting peace among ourselves and with all nations? Where is it, that is to say, we will beat our swords into plowshares and our spears into pruning hooks? Well, the local church. That’s where it should begin anyhow. Yeah, I love Augustine in that regard, and in many ways, that’s what I think. If we’re to get wonky for a second, we need to bring a little bit more ‘Augustinianism’ into our understanding of the American experiment.” Jonathon Leeman

This is the kind of lucid, deeply thoughtful, and thought provoking prescription that Christians of all denominations ought to be carefully considering. We live among the denizens of an extraordinarily divided populace, who include extremists of every kind, provocateurs, alarmists, liars, and angry, oh so angry people. We live in time of great upheaval. So what other mediating agency other than the Church can bring peace and principled understanding? Read and hear this remarkable conversation with Albert Mohler, President of Southern Baptist Seminary, and Jonathon Leeman of Cheverly Baptist Church, and Editorial Director for 9Marks.org as presented on “Thinking in Public,” a feature of albertmohler.com


August 2020

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