So shall they fear the name of the Lord from the west, and His glory from the rising of the sun. When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him. Isaiah 59:19K (KJV)

“Dad, can that really happen? Are they coming here?” Because my adult daughter copes with autism, each day may present its own unique challenges for her. But she is fully aware of the fear, tension and mounting anxiety following the news of the terror attacks in Paris, just like everyone else.

I knew the real answer but was loath to give it: They might actually already be here. The media only now are bothering to report the emerging facts. It seems there is much we don’t know because we are not being told.

There are currently (more than) 900 active investigations by the FBI regarding ISIS suspects across all 50 states. The FBI admits these investigations are stretching their resources. But this same agency is also reluctant to discuss the details of the attacks that actually happen. FBI Director James Comey had this to say during a visit to the Nashville field office last Friday, November 13th – the same day Paris was besieged by eight murderous ISIS gunmen: “Sometimes the way we investigate requires us to keep information secret. That’s a good thing. We don’t want to smear people.”

Comey seems to reflect what much of the current administration is saying, or rather, not saying and this may well reveal a deliberate down-play of how serious the threat of ISIS really is. What’s also very evident and truly disturbing is this: President Obama refuses to acknowledge that ISIS is a bigger threat than Republican presidential candidates and man-made global warming. He has also been determined to bring more Syrian “refugees” into the United States in spite of the fact that the vast majority of Americans are opposed and alarmed at such a move, not to mention an increasing number of his party politicians. So they joined ranks with House Republicans in giving the bill to block further Syrian immigration a veto-proof margin of 289-137. But this is only the beginning. The Senate is considering their bill on this even now.

There is alarming and ever increasing evidence that Obama is far from slowing down in giving cover for, and preferential treatment to the Muslim peoples. His take on jihadists reveals either ignorance or indifference. It’s still difficult to say with much certainty. That he appears to be an apologist for Islam should simply be assumed.

(We) shall finish with the false White House which we shall render black with our fire, Allah willing. We shall blow it up like we blew up the false idols in this good land.

I find this odd given the warnings by ISIS terrorists that they will blow up the White House, even declaring in a video released following the Paris massacre: “(We) shall finish with the false White House which we shall render black with our fire, Allah willing. We shall blow it up like we blew up the false idols in this good land.”

Perhaps at last, the bigger picture that is revealed just these last few weeks, and now understood by many Americans is this: Muslim terrorists, and ISIS in particular, are attempting to wage their holy war in America. The record will show it has been going on for a long time. We can at the very least, see the influence ISIS is having on some deeply troubled men and women to take jihad to where they are already living. I hesitate to answer my daughter’s question directly, because there is little she can do. So then, who will?

For the Christian community particularly in America and presumably throughout the world there is a great lack of understanding of Islam. Personally, there are many times I have asked someone I work with or worship with what they know of it, or if they can explain a certain incident or news report. Invariably I discover that there exists a true lack of understanding about how Muslims are so different from people of Christian faith, and how toxic their beliefs are. It would seem many simply do not grasp how serious Muslims are about their religion. * There are 10 things everyone, Christian or not, but certainly Christians must know about Islam.

The lead-in scripture reference here is from Isaiah. The word flood is significant in the context of today’s near overwhelming news of one terrorist attack after another. It occurs to me that the standard that Isaiah writes of is also for today. It is for the Church, the Body of Christ.

The enemy is our adversary and his works of darkness. The flood Isaiah writes of describes how the enemy can overwhelm. But God lifts up the standard – or banner. We, the Church are to be the banner against evil, putting him to flight and chasing him away. Consider this: We have been given the power of the Holy Spirit. When we pray in the Spirit, we pray with authority in the spiritual realm. We will triumph – ultimately.

Paul says we are more than conquerors. (Romans 8:31-39) No power can stand against us. This is one of my favorite verses in the Bible: “For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons,[b] neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, 39 neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

So with this understanding, this truth, safely couched in our hearts, we alone are the bearers of the Good News that the hope of the world is Jesus Christ. We speak peace and not war. We speak love and not hate. We speak of life and the end of death. Amen.

But we really ought to understand better than we do, the enemy that wants to rush in like a flood: Islam. Muslims do not know God and have no idea how hopeless they are.

As Christians, we have an obligation to be prepared to give an explanation for the hope that lies within us. Being prepared must include knowing how the enemy will fight, how he will react, how he will lie and pretend and use every wile. As Christians we should be able to defend against these things and deliver the message while exposing the enemy for who he is: A liar. Over 1.3 billion people on this earth are believing a lie. They are spread all across the earth. Where Islam is the majority religion it will subjugate all others who do not believe this lie.

It’s critical that we understand that Islam is not so much a religion as it is a political system. Its aim is to govern all manner of life for the believer. The Koran, the Sira and the Hadith (all three books are required reading for the Muslim) devote more about the unbeliever – the kafir – than about worshiping Allah, their god. They detail the ways Muslims must regard the kafir and it is anything but good. Indeed, “The word “unbeliever” is logically and emotionally neutral, whereas, Kafir is the most abusive, prejudiced and hateful word in any language.” writes Dr. Bill Warner of Political Islam. (I would strongly recommend spending time on his websites: as well as

For a very good introduction to understanding Islam as a political force, SCA would urge our members and readers to read this very important article from The Christian Research Institute.

There is no shame in saying that the United States should exercise great caution in bringing in thousands of Syrian “refugees” because there is good reason to be suspicious. Any religion or government that embraces an idea of like jihad as espoused by Islam and its adherents should be taken very seriously. This is our position at SCA: Explore other sensible alternatives – at least those that preclude residence in the United States for now.

The passage of the House bill last week delaying this orchestrated immigration does not put the matter to rest to be sure. It is time to write, email and call your senator and clearly state your position on the matter as they prepare to deliberate on their bill: “No more refugees from the Syrian region until your constituents can be given complete assurance they will be monitored and surveilled.”

Ask them, “If lawful gun owners must be registered, why not refugees?” Let’s be honest, the vetting process that the Federal Government is talking about is simply not going to suffice.

Before any of us can be given the opportunity to show our compassion and our concern for those who might – and I say might – be genuine seekers of asylum, it is the primary responsibility of this government to safeguard its citizens. Christians have good reason to join in the chorus in insisting we take precautions and not be foolish to think there is any “universal value” that precludes that.

America and the free world have not made a declaration of war on Islam, but the tip of the spear of Islam: ISIS, Al Qaeda, Hamas and other terrorists like them, they have declared war on us. Please don’t think they have not already brought the battle here. Be thankful you serve a Risen Lord, for He will come and save you. (Isaiah 35:4)


*For one example, if a Christian presumes to witness to a Muslim in the effort to win someone to Christ, there is much to consider that is very unique, and that makes it perhaps one of the most difficult experiences we can encounter. For more on this topic, here is my recommendation, first read this short but concise article. The take-away is the need for not only evangelism but for discipleship – in this instance it is critical and sometimes a matter of life and death.



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